REVIEW: Iron Sky: The coming race

If like me you loved the cheesy original Iron Sky from 2012, don’t hold your breath for a repeat.

Back in 2012, director Timo Vuorensola unleashed Iron Sky, this year, he lets his sequel loose on the cinema-going public.

Sadly, everything that made the original such a great movie is missing from this. Where you had believable good and bad guys, this time you have the wonderful Julia Dietze reprising her role as Renate Richter, but left as a side character with very little screen time.

Where the original took a really daft premise and gave you some great but even dafter characters and storylines, this sorry excuse for a sequel fails to give you any sort of believability, no matter how far fetched.

Where the original had parody, (Stephanie Paul as a Sarah Palin type US president anyone?) this just has hidden historical leaders who were in fact aliens, so we see Hitler, Thatcher, Steve Jobs and others not even parodied that well.

The premise is that the earth is hollow, and there is an alien power source that will save the last of humanity which has been living on the former nazi moon base for 30 plus years, trying to integrate with the last of the nazis.

The daughter of our two heroes from the first film, (Dietze & Christopher Kirby) takes a ship back to the abandoned earth to look for the said power source. She also takes a host of religious types who worship Steve Jobs.

In one scene, our heroine parodies that Apple 1984 advert as she smashes down the temple doors, but that is about it for decent parody.

To be fair to Lara Rossi, she does what she can with a lacklustre script that telegraphs every twist and turn.

This is as lame a film as you will watch this year, and if you have ANY love for the original, you will avoid this trash.



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