REVIEW: Solita, Prestwich. ***/*****

Has the service improved since last I visited this burger joint?


The stars are for the food, which was as superb as ever, but the service!
I thought they had gone to kill the cow for the burgers & catch the salmon it took so long.
Staff look like they don’t really care about you, but when the food (finally) arrives, its stunning.
To be honest, this is my third trip to the Prestwich branch, all at different times and days, and the service has been slow and terrible EVERY time.
Thats it for me, I’ll not be bothering with this branch again.

Walk in’s on a Friday lunchtime, only 3 diners in the place we could see, and over 40 minutes to cook 4 meals is a bit much, especially as we didnt see any food deliveries to other tables whilst waiting.

I had the Manc-Hatten, and opted to swap fries for the wonderful 60/40 mash, and I have to say, the burger and all its assorted additions was superb. Cooked just the wrong side of medium (I wasnt asked how I’d like it) but only just. The mash was creamy, smooth and again, just as expected.

SoLiTa Manc-Hatten

SoLiTa Manc-Hatten

Guest 1 had the Bacon Double burger and was again not asked how he’d like it. He cleared his plate though!

SoLiTa Bacon Double cheese

SoLiTa Bacon Double cheese

I have never been able to fault the food at SoLiTa, but the service at Prestwich and the wait for food gets worse every time. I’m not the only one to notice this.

A colleague went in a couple of months ago and said much the same thing, the wait for the food almost left them wanting to stand up and leave.

I’ll not bother going back to Prestwich, as there are other restaurants in the area that do food just as well, but who know how to look after paying customers.

I dont want fawning over, just the food to arrive a little faster and when I order a burger at over £10 a shot, ask how I’d like it cooked, dont just let the chef guess please…

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