More Devils pen new deals as name change row rumbles on

Mark Flanagan, Greg Johnson and Logan Tomkins have become the latest members of the 2017 Salford Devils squad to commit to new deals, as the club continues to go from strength to strength on the field.

Off the field however, chaos still clouds the rumored name change, with owner Marwan Koukash still refusing to rule out a change to Manchester.

With attendances still in the lower 3000 range, even when discounted entry is offered, it’s not hard to see why the Owner  who has pumped millions into the club since he took over is worried.

With the club taking on last seasons Challenge cup winners Hull FC tomorrow, Marwan told one fan on twitter that the club had sold LESS than 60 tickets for the game.

The shame is that the team on the field are playing the most attractive brand of rugby this side of the Pennines.

Ian Watson has assembled one of the most exciting squads that ANY Salford fan will have seen in the modern era, and he couldn’t have done that without Marwan Koukash backing him.

Yet a couple of weeks ago, post match, waiting for a taxi, there was one fan who had clearly had a few too many, stood outside of the ground, screaming for the owner to come and physically fight him over the possible name change!

I understand his passion, but offering the owner out to a fight? How childish…

Salford have never in my memory attracted 8K to games on a regular basis. Even my club, Hull KR, fluctuate between 6 and 8K in the Championship, but they are in a town where they are not competing with two top flight football teams and all the other things that cities like Manchester and Salford have to offer families.

OK, the football season is over, but (should we ever get it) once the weather is nice, you are an hour away from the seaside, the lakes and sundry other attractions.

Sadly, rugby league in the UK will never compete with football, and even to some respect, cricket. the fan base is traditionally based along a narrow corridor, something that is gradually changing with the introduction of Toulouse, Catalan and Toronto, as well as the growth of the sport in London and Coventry.

Salford needs Marwan, but Marwan doesn’t need Salford.

Remember that, next time you want to stand outside of the ground and fight him.

If he walks, the club will disappear, if not overnight, then within 5 years.

And nobody wants to see that…





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